Friday, September 11, 2009

C is for Candy Corn

Oooooh, I was so excited for "C" day!

Every fall, when August turns to September, I religiously do two things.  First, I put up leaf garland on all of our banisters and railings, and second, I make a delicious snack mix with fall candy.  As of today, there still isn't garland hung, but you can be certain we have our snack mix made!!

The kiddos and I went to Kroger right after breakfast to get the supplies. . .it was VERY important that we go to Kroger because they have these awesome little shopping carts.  As long as I don't need much, AND as long as the store isn't crowded, I let Mason be in charge of our purchases.  He's not very reliable, nor very coordinated (which explains why we only do it in an empty store!), but he thinks it's a blast.  Sadly, Kroger had neither candy corn nor Halloween M&Ms, so we basically accomplished nothing except pushing a miniature cart haphazardly around the store for 30 minutes.  Oh well. . .30 fewer minutes to fill!!!

Thankfully, the Walgreens right across the street had everything we needed.  Last year, I couldn't find any candy corn to save my life, so I had to have Lara send it to me from Denver.  I know, that sounds reeeeeDICulous, but what else was a girl to do?  This mix is seriously that good. 

*two bags Halloween M&Ms
*two bags Brach's Candy Corn
*one large can cashew parts and pieces
*about half a large container of raisins
*employ four-year old to pour and stir, then devour!

And, to add to our lesson for the day, Brody Boo wouldn't stop CRYING.  He is the most rotten child on the planet.  I have no one to blame but myself because I always cave in and pick him up when he goes ballistic, but it's rather unbearable if I don't.

Oh, and the longer you let the snack mix sit, the better it gets.  The cashews make everything else kind of salty and greasy. . .oooooooh, it's goooooood!


  1. YUM-O! It only took 2 days b/f our mix was gone! It is sinful! :)

    Love the little shopping carts! Our local IGA also has the little carts. Isn't it fun when you get rammed from behind? HURTS! Of course, everyone who works there knows us, so we always have to chat...our little grocery runs then take some time! :)

    What about your candy corn art?

    P.S. We have reservations to a princess dinner and Mickey's Backyard BBQ (singing, dancing, eating). Tried to plan as much on the "big" things.

  2. I love this stuff. I will get the ingredients today but where will I ever get the 4 1/2 year old mixer??? I am sure he is the magic that makes it so good. I wonder if 2 1/2 year old twins would work. Maybe an almost 7 year old could be substituted. Does it have to be a boy or can three little girls do the trick?

  3. Oh yum. Please eat it all before Grammie gets there....but might need a run to Kroger JUST for the fun of it.

    Love you, Mom

  4. YUMMY!!!!! We are making it tonight! I LOVE candy corn! I actually have a bag sitting on my desk as we speak! Enjoy! :)