Tuesday, July 27, 2010

"H" is for "HUNT!"

I had no idea what to do for "H" day, yet knew we really should do something academic around here instead of watching Nick, Jr. all day! Since I couldn't think of a fantastic idea, I took the easy way out and said "H" was for "hunt!" I figured that way Mason could figure out what "H" was for! He has his own little VTech camera, so I had him put it to good use. I sent him and Nana on an outing to find all the objects they could that began with the letter "h". . .

They had a great time, and came up with some good stuff! On his own, Mason found

a "Honda"
some "horses"
a "Highlights" magazine
and a "hydrant"

And my very favorite discovery of the day?  "H" is for "holding hands."  So sweet, those two!

That's my studious boy. . .practicing his "H's!"  (Actually, we're making him practice before he does something much more imaginative like pretending he's a B-2 Bomber.  A typical day in the life of the Rays!)