Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A is for Alphabet Activities!

A delightfully fun part of the "blogworld" is connecting with others who share your interests; yet another fun facet is finding and reconnecting with old friends. One reason I began to blog was that one of my childhood best friends, Lauren, has an adorable blog where she shares her artwork as well as tidbits about her life. We had been out of touch for the better part of 15 years, and it's been really neat to fall back into contact. I've been inspired in many ways by her blog, and wanted to create something similar. So, here I am, givin' it a "go!"

I check her blog every few days, and often find ways to use her creative and fun ideas for crafts here at our house.  Lately, she's been doing a letter of the day with her kiddos, and I thought since I'm home with the boys three days a week, Mason could really benefit from this.  At least it's better than sending him off to play by himself while I search the Internet!  Seriously.  ANYWAY, though. . .

"A is for Acorn!"

I actually "lifted" this idea directly from Lauren.  It was just TOO CUTE, so we had to do it!  Mason and Christina went to the park in the neighborhood to collect acorns, then brought them home and gave them little faces.  Their creations cracked me up!

Then we went into my office and practiced writing the letter "A."  Mason was so very excited to get to play student!  He sees all the "big kids" come in, and to get to sit in their spot in Mommy's office was a ton of fun for him.  We have the craft room upstairs with a jillion crayons, markers, glitter pens, pieces of construction paper, etc., but a plain ol' piece of computer paper is what he wanted. 
I plan to keep these activities going. . .Rip doesn't think I'll make it through the alphabet.  What he doesn't know is that I have big plans for "W is for Wine" when I get to that point!  Well, maybe I won't wait until "W."  Oh, hell, just give me a glass now!  Hah!


  1. What a clever mother you are!!! I love the idea and the acorn faces even if it was "lifted". As for the wine -- who needs an excuse.

  2. Oh honey....First, thanks for the sweet, sweet words! Second, I'm sooooo happy that you are enjoying your A. Activities! Love the acorns! Hopefully, one day, our little ones will remember that we just sat down and created with them. I hope they will smile!

    And for the that! You are too kind...I was just hoping to get to S for "shot" for you, two for me! Okay, just kidding! I think you need to make a bet with Rip! :)

    Ohhhh...I just miss you so!

  3. Just remember Parents let kids live so they can have grandbabies. Doesn't Rip know by know how stubborn you are when challenged? Plus no time limit right?? Love you