Friday, September 4, 2009

The Greatest Show on Earth

Things our family will remember from the circus:

1. Brody could not stay awake. He was TERRIFIED of the dark and all the noise, and screamed bloody murder until he conked out.

2. Mason sat with his fingers in his ears for the first 45 minutes. "It's WAY too loud!" he kept shouting.

3. Mason couldn't stop talking about the motorcycles racing around the "Globe of Steel." He was so fascinated by those seven (yes, seven!) cycles simultaneously chasing each other around the inside of the ball. Who am I kidding. . .we were fascinated, too!!!

4. Once Mason got over his issue with the volume, he was jazzed about the lion tamer. He was flexing his muscles and acting tough as if he was ready to take on those lions!

5. Thank goodness our tickets came from MillerCoors. Again, we had a suite with snacks, drinks, and yes, even beer. Thank you, Shellie!!!!! 6. The combination of cotton candy and Sprite makes four year olds completely delirious. (No image on this one, but I'm pretty sure you can imagine it all on your own!!!)


  1. I love this! Glad you all had a good time! :) We took the girls to a circus and they picked a (rather large)lady out of the audience to ride a horse. Well, all of a sudden she started to fall off and her pants fell down...yes, HUGE undies! I had no idea it was staged. THAT is all my family remembers from our trip to the circus. ...and no, we didn't get a nice suite! Bleachers over grass baby! Ha! The boys are way too adorable!

  2. Can just hear each of the boys reactions!! Love Brody's legs really super long??

  3., I think his legs just look long in the picture. He's still short and chunky. :)