Wednesday, September 16, 2009

E is for EEEEEEEK!

As in "EEEEEEEK, my husband is gone for the WHOLE WEEKEND and left me alone with these kids! Help!"

 Rip had an incentive trip to Las Vegas for the weekend (lucky guy!), and flights were too expensive for me to tag along. And to add to my bad luck, it was pouring down rain here all weekend. Massive amounts. Like we couldn't even go outside it was so rainy and wet. Great.

So, "E" wasn't really for anything specific. I was lucky enough to keep the three of us alive all weekend. . .doing a whole "E" theme was simply more than I could manage. But we DID do a little craft and an "E" brainstorm.
Since excavator starts with "e," Mason colored one for Rip.  He also painted a big posterboard "E" and we took turns thinking of words to write on it.  Mason said eagle, ego, and eight.  Where does he come up with words like that? 
And the Boo?  Well, he was just happy for the chance to explore Mason's room a little. 


  1. I love the title of this post! Looks like you did a lot of "E" activities! I love your craft? school? room! I bet he does too! that a scrapbook paper shelf behind you! Ohhhhh...Love that! Lucky duck!

    And Brody's dimples! Do you not just kiss those ALL THE TIME?!

  2. Great idea for a rainy day. And "eeek" is a santized version of what I may have said under the circumstances. I can see Brody "studying" mischief--the little imp.