Thursday, September 10, 2009

B is for Books

For "B" day, I surprised Mason with a trip to the library. We used to go more often, but it's been much harder these last several months with Brody. Now that he's on somewhat of a predictable nap and sleep schedule, I thought it would be a fun outing for us.  Mason has his own little library card, of which he's very proud.

So, "B" was for BOOKS! We do love our books in the Ray household, and whether they're old or new, borrowed or purchased, they give us hours of entertainment. I often fantasize about winning a $1000 shopping spree to Barnes and Noble. . .oh, how fun that would be!

We got all comfy-cozy in the beanbags and read several books together.  Brody was really good, so it was a pleasant outing.  

I let Mason pick out five books to take home. . .believe it or not, one of them was "The Berenstains' B Book!" 

Our "B" day was even better because it was NANA'S BIRTHDAY!  We practiced writing little "b's" and big "B's," then started a game where we all say words that start with that letter.  Winners from today were Brody, brother, bottle, baby, and bedtime!!!

As for any books I'm reading?  Well, I'm trying to read "The Story of Edgar Sawtelle," but I'm not making much progress.  Lara and I are supposed to have it finished by next weekend's scrapbook retreat, but it's not looking good.  Sorry, Lara!!!!!  Too much time blogging, not enough time reading!!!!! 


  1. Love, love, love books! I even love the SMELL of the library!

    I read E. Sawtelle! My MIL is Delphi's Middle School Media Specialist and is a HUGE reader. She told me I had to read it since I am such a huge animal fan. Take the time to read it (since you have oh so much "down" time...ha). You will be glad you did! ;0

  2. Fun Fun. Love your Library.

    You and Lauren should put 'The Glass Castle' by Jeannette Walls on your to-read list. Invokes a lot of thought and discussion.

    Maybe a GC should be item on your gift list as the major item this year?? yes I am working on Christmas lists already. OHH, that could be a blog theme. Pictures of Christmas wish list possibilities Love you Mom

  3. I LOVE your blog! It is a great way to keep up. Maybe you can inspire me! The girls and I love the library and spend as much time there as possible. We need to do an outing together to the library! Oh, what fun!

  4. This English teacher Gramma loves the way Mason cleaves to his books. I hope Brody will love them just as much. This is a wonderful way to be a part of your lives without being intrusive.
    love to all