Saturday, September 3, 2011

Basking with a Good Book

With Mason gone all day, Brody and I are having our own version of fun.

While I was cleaning Mason's room the other day, he wanted to be close to me, yet didn't want to clean (uhhh, blame him??), so here was his compromise.

He emptied the laundry basket, grabbed a few books and his blankie, and made a little "nest" for himself.

Ah, yes, he also grabbed my leopard bandana for a bit of flair.  There's NEVER a dull moment around here.  The key is for me to enjoy each of these silly, sweet moments,  rather than get so busy or irritated that I ignore these precious snippets.  For I know that I'll blink, and my two sweet boys will be horrified to have anything to do with Snoopy blankies, board books, and certainly, my clothing.  (But that's probably a good thing!!)

1 comment:

  1. ADORABLE!!!!!! Sweet Mr. B. looks so darn to snuggle and read with my own blanket! Give it up for books and blankets! Whoop!