Friday, September 16, 2011

Coach Ray

Poor, poor Rip.

He really wasn't excited about coaching a soccer team full of six year olds. . .talk about unfocused energy!  As Rip put it, "one six year old who doesn't listen is bad enough.  Imagine seven of them!"

However, he was a good sport.   Mason's team had no coach, and hence, couldn't play until a coach materialized.  Enter:  Rip Ray.

Rip Ray who actually does know something about soccer. . .he played competitively from the time he was Mason's age through high school.   He has stumpy, stunted, crooked fingers from breaking them all in his time as a goalie.  He also has his share of broken toes from those days.  Who said football was more dangerous than soccer???

I think he just agreed to coach so he could go shopping.  New soccer shoes, new shorts, a new bag. . .Rip Ray at his finest!!!

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  1. Hey Rip...Like herding turtles! Ahhh, so cute though. And the enthusiasm that 6 year olds have....I need learn from their pure joy of just being. And isn't it great to see both your boys out on the field? :)