Monday, September 19, 2011

Go, Orange Tigers!

The boys had their first soccer game last Saturday, and won 10-1.  Or 8-1.  Or something like that.  I'm not sure anyone was really keeping an official score.  And it didn't matter.  Not one.  Single.  Bit.

 Coach Rip and the "Orange Tigers."  So adorable how all their jerseys are two sizes too big!

Brody Ray. . .keepin' it real, rocking his Sesame Street Purdue t-shirt and Mommy's sunglasses.

 And the boys' FAVORITE part. . .the game's over!  (It's almost time for the SNACKS!)


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  1. Ummmm...Orange I missing the ORANGE part? :) So cute, esp. Mr. Brody! :) Love it! And you didn't know the score? On Sat, Rob came late and asked Alyssa and I the score. Crickets chirped and we just looked at each other! All we knew is that EVERYONE was having a great time! :)