Sunday, September 25, 2011

Brew at the Zoo!

Aaaaaaaah, September.  Month of changing leaves, apples, crisp air, football, and beerfests.  Yes, I did put that in my list of favorite things.

We've been to TWO beerfests in the last few weeks!  Fortunately for us, Rip is IN the industry, which means free tickets.  For events where there is unlimited beer.  Score!  Good for the tastebuds, but bad for the waistline.


Last weekend was "Zoo Brew," which was actually at Potowatami Zoo.  Loved it.  Craft beers from dozens of regional breweries, and a view of the buffalo and peacocks.  We couldn't wander the zoo. . .apparently people have been irresponsible with the animals, which is just sad.  I would have loved to stroll around on a cool evening and admire the animals..

And believe it or not, there's ANOTHER ONE in a few weeks.  It's the South Bend Brew Festival.  And yes, we'll be there in full force, too.

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