Sunday, October 17, 2010

Country Music & Honky Tonks

A few weekends ago, Rip and I took our own road trip adventure!  My gracious parents agreed to watch our kiddos for three days, and we were off!

First, we had a DATE NIGHT in Nashville. . .we saw the LAST EVER Brooks & Dunn concert!  Rip got lucky and had two suite tickets offerred to him through work, PLUS a delightful dinner before the concert. 

The concert was so awesome, and I was surprised at how many of the old songs I knew.  The best one?  Red Dirt Road.

The next morning we got up at the crack of dawn, rented a U-Haul trailer, and hit the road for Dallas.  Just my handsome hubby, his big ol' truck, me with my stack of gossip magazines, our iPod loaded with fun sing-along music, and an empty trailer in tow.  And we had an absolute blast!  We talked, sang, and laughed for the whole 11 hour drive.

We were driving as fast as we could to make it in time for Christina's birthday dinner. . .and we made it!  We went straight to one of our old haunts, Papi's, for yummy food and beers. . .

And then we went to the Pickerings for cheesecake, singing, and of course, PRESENTS! 

After all our celebrating, Rip and I headed to our house two doors down for a good night of sleep.  We had to spend the whole next day loading our U-Haul full of furniture and stuff for Rip to take back to his apartment in Nashville, and toys and coats and Christmas stuff for me to take back to Indiana for the kiddos.  NOT the most fun part of our trip!  However, we completed the task in record time, and managed to squeeze in an hour of swimming before having to get ready for the BIG BIRTHDAY PARTY!

The birthday girl had a country music style party. . .complete with Mason Jar luminaries, a dance floor coated with sawdust, and attendees in boots!

We had a great weekend, and surprisingly, we managed to do everything we wanted to back at "home" (meaning our house in Texas!), spend some great quality time together as a couple, AND we got all of our tasks done.  A successful trip to Nashville, Dallas, back to Nashville, then Indiana.

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