Wednesday, August 26, 2009

What will you build?

I think one of the best parts of parenting is watching my children discover. And another of the best parts is getting to buy toys we loved as kids! I get so giddy when I see a "retro" or "vintage" toy back on the store shelves. When I saw a 50th anniversary box of classic Lego blocks at Target, I had to buy it right away! Right now! What if it didn't exist in six months? What if my children only got complicated sets of Legos to make Power Miners and SpongeBob characters? Wouldn't that be tragic??? (Remember in my first post when I told you I could justify anything I wanted? There ya go.)

So we gave Mason "big boy" Legos (as opposed to the Duplo building blocks) this summer, and he was so excited. He went right to work.

OK, maybe Daddy went right to work! The first project was to replicate the house shown on the box (don't let Rip tell you he didn't love doing it!),

then they made a flying boat, complete with sound effects,

and of course, a "mini-Mason" figurine to live in the house.

Seriously, where's the fun in assembling a character or a vehicle according to the instructions when instead, this whole pile of miscellaneous, beautiful, primary-colored Lego blocks can build anything a kid desires? (Or anything his nostalgic parents desire?)

Which leads me to the question, "what will you build?"

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  1. I just love this post! Our family enjoys "classic" toys as well! Jon's mom saved a lot of his toys and they love them. (Jon and the girls will spend hours playing Star Wars). One of my favorites? The game of Operation!

    Sometimes Jon and/or I will just start playing with toys! The girls watch then get excited to jump in! Isn't it fun to "be a kid" sometimes?

    So, we do have Legos, but the girls have never been too interested. Hopefully Henry will love them. If I were to build something? Barbie furniture! I love to play with Barbies! Love to make my own homes too. Not loving the yucky plastic home for Barbie! :)