Sunday, August 16, 2009

Where the Desert Meets the Sea

We were lucky enough (again) to go on a wonderful trip as an incentive through Rip's job. Cabo San Lucas sits where the desert spills into the Sea of Cortez. And it looks exactly as Mexico should to me. . .

palm trees swaying in the gentle ocean breeze,

seagulls perched about,

a sparkling pool with a swim-up bar,

Rip and me, hanging out in the lounge with our feet up, listening to the relaxing sounds of "island" music,

a little (tiny!) bit of nightlife,

relaxing massages in a straw cabana,

my workaholic husband without his Blackberry,

and Rip reading "Green Eggs and Ham." (Huh?!?! Let me explain. Mason knows Daddy likes to read that book to him at bedtime, so he suggested we take it along on the trip. And we did!!)

Although it was a work trip, it really felt like a true vacation. Cabo San Lucas is referred to as the place "where the desert meets the sea." (And for all you 30-somethings, are you hearing Emmet Otter and Ma singing???!!! Hahaha!!!)


  1. Oh, it looks like a beautiful piece of heaven! How relaxing! Good for you! Jon and I always say that we need to get out/get away, but we haven't in such a long, long time! Looks like you had a great vacay! (And love the Dr. Seuss book! Cute!)

  2. Happy vaca to you too!! And Happy Anniver as well! Looks very relaxing. I hope you had a massage out there in the cabana!!

    Love ya