Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Sitting on Top of the World

One day he couldn't, then just like that. . .he could! Brody's sitting up!

He can't get into sitting position on his own, but if we "place" him, he can hold himself upright for several minutes. "Can" being the operative word here! Just because he happens to be capable doesn't mean he's content to sit. Not our Brody! He's just dying to flop himself onto his tummy and crawl after Mason and all the goodies (aka, clutter) on the floor. While you know I do hate clutter (seriously, people, I really do hate it!), it's virtually impossible to keep it all picked up. It seems there's always an errant Lego, a dropped Smartie, or a carelessly tossed wrapper just out of Brody's reach. What is it about kids and clutter on the floor? Do they like it like that? Doesn't it give them anxiety? (Oh no, wait, that's ME!!!)

But Brody Boo doesn't have any worries about clutter or Mommy harping at him to pick up. Not yet, anyway. His biggest concern for now is not toppling over on the carpet!


  1. GET READY....Four weeks and counting.. Grammie is coming...

  2. Hooray Brody! He is just getting so big...looking more like a little boy instead of a baby! Such a cutie!

    Oh, and clutter...Why do children love it so? They leave enough odds and ends around to fill up our local landfill! :) I'm always right behind them picking it up b/c I am afraid that Henry will taste test and choke! At least Henry doesn't choke (yet) from the kitty hair that he pulls off the cat's tail and eats! Poor baby! I hope his first word isn't "Meow"!

    Love the pix of Brody!

  3. He is just too cute for words!!!! Missin all of you!