Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Happy Anniversary, Baby!

A few months ago, Rip and I celebrated our seventh wedding anniversary. As couples tend to do on anniversaries, we went out to dinner together.

While we were out, Christina was here with the boys, and Mason started saying HE wanted to go on an anniversary date. The two of them made tentative plans (yes, that's our Mason Ray, makin' plans on his own!) to go out for dinner. And dancing, because as Mason said, "that's what people do on anniversaries." I'm not quite sure where he got that idea, but it does sound nice, right??

As promised, a few weeks later Christina reminded him of their plans for an anniversary date and gave him a few restaurant choices. Drumroll, please. . . . .. and Red Robin it was! That morning, Mason and I were talking about how excited he was, and he said the cutest thing. "I need to wear a tie, Mommy." Oh, he's going to be a lady-killer someday. The immediate issue was that we own zero dress clothes. None. We don't go to church regularly (okay, ever. You caught me!), we don't go to formal events, we haven't had any weddings this summer, and as such, we only have shorts and t-shirts for our boys.

I went on a mad search for a tie, and ended up with a tuxedo shirt and bow tie from our neighbor, Jacquelyn. Put it with a pair of shorts, and PRESTO! Dressy outfit with a tie. Close enough. As our crazy luck would have it, Christina showed up in a white dress with a black tie in back and black bows on her shoes. They matched!!!!!

"Nana" had to drive, but Mason was a true gentleman, held her hand, and opened the door for her.

Now that's true love!


  1. This is SUCH a cute post! I love Mason's little outfit! What a special time for Christina and Mason!

    (and the church thing...Our girls only know what church is because they went/go to nursery/preschool at a local church! Oops!)