Thursday, October 29, 2009

F is for French Fries

French fries? Yea, I know. Rather pathetic.

BUT, let me explain.

I had some good ideas for "F." "Friday," "favorites" (I even had Mason go around the house and take photos of his favorite things. Too bad I never got around to uploading those pictures!), "family," "football," "fall," . . .seriously, I had some good ones.

And then Dad showed up.

My dad is so awesome. He is fun-loving, energetic, full of happiness, easy to get along with, and has the best heart. He loves his family and my mom like crazy, and possesses a unique ability to be simultaneously goofy and respectable. He also eats junk food like a kid and will use any excuse he can conjure up to ditch his normal diet of yogurt and carrots for something yummier. I think he would even trade his firstborn for a bowl of ice cream. (WAIT, that's ME! Dad, don't trade ME!!) Anyway, Dad and I were upstairs with the kids, just catching up and hanging out, and Mason was writing the letter "f" on his little chalkboard. I was trying to be all educational when Dad said "you know what 'f' is for? FRENCH FRIES!"

Thanks, Dad.

So, clearly, that had to be followed with an outing to McDonald's for Happy Meals. There was just no way around it at that point! I'm pretty sure Dad was secretly jumping for joy when he heard me say it was "f" day. He had a plan the whole time! Clearly, Mason wasn't too upset about the turn of events.

I'm fairly certain Brody would have voted for "F is for Fall" so we could show off our festive decorations, but he didn't seem too upset either. He got some "Mommy Time" while Grandpa and Mason went to McDonald's.

And I even got a salad delivered. I think that's a pretty good FRIDAY.


  1. I'm dressed,makeup on, drinking my coffee, waiting to get the wild children up for school...and am soooo happy because every time I read your blog I laugh out loud. What is better than LOL? You are so darn funny!

    Love your "F" day! Oh, and it's so nice to see Mr. Doug! I'm sure that the boys don't go ga-ga for him at all!

    And a salad? Come on girl, go for the Happy Meal! :)

    Love the pix of the boys...ever so adorable!

  2. Made me laugh out loud this morning. But NOTICE Grandpa gets a blog and when Grammie came for SIX days??? nothing. Okay. I had loads of fun with the boys but only pictures on my cell phone.

    Love you