Monday, October 19, 2009

The SUN and the SAND and a DRINK in my hand. . .

Question: "What could possibly be more wonderful than a weekend at the beach with a group of girlfriends?"

Answer: "Not a whole lot."

Some fun {and some FUNNY} memories from our weekend on Fort Myers Beach:

  • watching the amazingly beautiful sunset each evening

  • Kelly saying, "consider yourself warned, but your son is going down!" (she meant "sun," but Megan interpreted it as "son". . .not as funny in print as in real life!)

  • the "Nelly Furtado" Pot (as in a Neti Pot...NOT marijuana pot!! SERIOUSLY, people!!)

  • Jamie and me getting a lesson in the natural habitat of sand dollars from a six-year old

  • Megan's version of Beyonce's dance (whoa, oh, oh, ohohoh, whaoh, oh, oh)

  • those ridiculous rumrunners at Top O'Mast

  • sharing iPods and laughing about shared memories from college

  • being kicked out of a 7-11 for loitering (yes, for real)

And the best memory of all? Getting to just be "us" for a few days and not be SAHMs or working moms or wives or neighbors. We got to be friends, be relaxed, and be "us."


  1. Hello Outrigger! You all look like you are having a ball! Girl...I'm way too jealous...look at hot momma in her bikini!

    Too fun!

  2. These are too funny! What a great vacation. Let me know if you come home around Christmas- we would love to see you and the boys. I am sure that Mason and Jake would have a ball.