Saturday, July 18, 2009

These boots were made for. . .fishing?

I've finally entered the world of blogging! I been considering it for a few months, but kept telling myself I needed to spend more time on the computer like I needed a hole in the head. However, here I am! Since we live away from both my parents and Rip's, and have many friends and family out-of-state, I figured this would be a good way for me to keep in touch. And this way, the grandparents can see more of our day-to-day shenanigans! (By the way, I can find a way to justify anything I want. Just you wait!!)

A few weeks ago, we took a trip to Rip's parents' ranch. We visit every few months. Sometimes the four of us go, often one of us will go with one of the kiddos, but this time we all went! Rip, me, both boys, plus Christina & Chance.

Any trip to the ranch is an adventure, but this was even better because it was Christina's first trip. She'd been hearing about it for years, & had a whole list of things to do. In no particular order, she wanted to drive a tractor, see the cows, ride the four-wheeler, buy boots, go fishing, shoot guns, ride in the canoe, and go to the local general store. Giddyup!!

We managed to accomplish most of what she wanted. The only thing we didn't do was shoot guns. (Okay with me, by the way. I am NOT a gun girl. I couldn't believe she knew how to shoot a gun! Seriously, Christina??)

Chance and Mason fished,

Christina drove the tractor in the pasture, while Mason pretended to drive it in the barn,

we visited Maggie Moo & Jeff Gordon (Mason's cow and bull calf),

we all took a turn on the four-wheeler,

we took a trip to the Round Top Mercantile,

Christina got her canoe outing,

And of course, we bought boots. Christina and I both wanted "Taylor Swift/sundress" boots, and boy, did we get 'em!! Hers were kind of a tan, frayed denim, and mine were soft chocolate brown leather with pink hearts and swirls. Both have cute little heels and are fun and sassy! Well, of course, no trip to the Brenham Saddle Shop would have been complete without little boy boots. As we were picking boots for Mason, I had an amusing conversation with the very sweet and well-intentioned associate in the boot department:

her: "Will he be wearing them with Wranglers? Dress pants? Or to work outside?"

me: "Ummm, we live in the suburbs. He's going to wear them to play dress up,
with his jammies, and perhaps in the sandbox."

So we ended up with authentic, expensive, and *blue* cowboy boots. And he does loooooooove them!!

As if all that wasn't enough, we sat on the porch and listened to the crickets sing, we ate like royalty (thanks to Rip and Daryl on the grill, to Susan in the kitchen, and to Grandma for her trademark dewberry pie!), and we had a hilarious game of softball in the yard with Clint, Stacy, and their girls. All of us were hot, tired, and dusty, but sad to leave the peaceful ranch behind. Until next time!!

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