Monday, July 27, 2009

Filled with Love

When Mason was born 4 1/2 years ago, we received a very special and unique gift in the mail from my friend Lara's mom, Ellin. She sent a big, beautiful, old, heavy Mason Jar, filled with scrapbook embellishments. It was so perfect and thoughtful! (It's the one on the far left in the picture below.)

Ellin is a big antique shopper, and she loves to find and purchase special items for her home and for others. Over the years, she has sent me several wonderful things. All have a "spot" in our home, and I treasure each of them.

We liked the Mason Jar idea so much, Rip and I decided to continue it. We purchased one Father's Day weekend when Mason was four months old, which expanded the collection to two jars. As something fun, we decided to fill each one with little trinkets that were memorable. . .Hot Wheels from Rip's childhood, board game pieces from mine, old Fisher-Price Little People, jacks (because they reminded me of my Gramma and Grampa). . .the list goes on, but each jar's contents were carefully selected for a reason.

We have jars now from so many. . .Aunt Bonnie and Jack gave us one after their visit last year, my dear friend Kim gave me one from her mother's collection, my mom has found several at antique shops here and there, Ellin has found and sent several more over the last few years, and Rip and I pick them up when we want to mark a special occasion. Additionally, we've received "contents" for the jars from so many people, too. Stacy (aka "Aunt Stacy" to our kids) gave us her grandmother's button collection for one jar, and Rip's parents gave us a sterling rattle and brush from Daryl's childhood, plus a ring that was Rip's when he was a baby for another jar.
Before any jar goes on the shelves in Mason's room, I put a little card inside that tells the story of where the jar came from, and why we filled it with its particular treasures.

I want Mason to know that each jar was filled not just with old, worn dime store toys or junk from the attic, but instead, filled with love.

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  1. What a Kristen, you are such a creative mama! :) I especially love how you write a little note for each one!