Sunday, July 19, 2009

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

As a family, we all love baseball. . .I grew up a huge Cubs fan (I'm still heartbroken over the 1984 & 2003 seasons!!), and Rip grew up watching Nolan Ryan and the Astros. Here we are in Dallas, and of course, Mason is a Texas Rangers fan. Go figure. At least he's not a Mets fan! Ha!

We recently took the boys to their first Rangers' game, and it was a smashing success. Mason was so excited to wear his hat that matched Daddy's! I tried to find a cute *pink* one so I could participate too, but had no luck. I have a feeling that as the only girl in the house, I'll get left out a lot!

Through Rip's job, we get tickets to a lot of events, but even better, we get suite tickets. It's great for taking kids because there is AIR CONDITIONING! And cushy chairs. And a TV inside. And food and drinks & a private bathroom. Seriously, it's the only way to do it! That's easy to say because we don't have to pay for it! My fear, though, is that our kids will grow up thinking that's "normal," & that's just how you go to the ballpark. Sadly, they'll learn that if we had to buy the tickets, it would most definitely not be those!! I actually thought the suite would be most helpful with Brody, but it ended up being Mason who stayed inside the most. There was a NASCAR race on, so he planted himself firmly in front of the TV to watch. And what an exciting finish (the Stewart/Busch collision on the final!).

Plus, Mason was scared of the post-game fireworks. so he took shelter inside! Brody, on the other hand, loved them. Who would have thought??!!??

Any outing that begins during the heat of the day, ends around midnight, and sees no significant meltdowns or tantrums is a successful one. And the Rangers won, to boot!

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