Thursday, April 22, 2010

39 plus 1 equals COOLEST HUSBAND EVER!

Happy, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my handsome husband. Here are my top ten reasons why he's the coolest and most wonderful 40-year old ever, and deserves to have a PERFECT birthday today:

1. The man can dance. I am so not joking about this. He can two-step, jitterbug, waltz, or just cut loose and "bust-a-move." He's light on his feet in a way that defies his size. Go, Rip!

2. He can fix, built, repair, and drive ANYTHING. (This is a handy thing for your hubs to be able to do, ladies!) He can weld, solder, diagnose issues, and use any tool known to man. From building our playset with my dad to driving a tractor at the Ranch to birthing calves with his dad to defragmenting our computer, he's got it covered. He's got SKILLS. He can even drive an 18-wheeler! He's a total renaissance man.

{2.1 His skills extend to his vocabulary. I LOVE a man who knows the difference between "your" and "you're," knows how to work an apostrophe to perfection ("s apostrophe" or "apostrophe s?" Rip will know), and has taught me to never end a sentence in a preposition. He's smart that way.}

3. AND he looks fantastic in a suit. So powerful and polished. There's nothing like a man in a suit, shiny shoes, and a tie. Yummy.

4. Rip is TOTALLY hands-on with our kids. He bathes them every night, cooks them breakfast every morning, and plays a mean game of Chutes and Ladders. He's changed more than his share of diapers, and takes them to the library every few weeks. He's amazing.

5. He can cook, and I'm not talking about heating up mac-n-cheese. He makes the best brisket this side of Brenham, has pulled pork tacos mastered, and makes delicious mashed potatoes. He also bakes. (I know, right? Does it GET any better?) The neighbors crave his homemade yeast rolls.
6. He's a gentleman. He always walks on the "street side" of the sidewalk and opens doors for me. I knew I was going to marry him when he handed me a handkerchief shortly after we started dating. He also says "yes, ma'am" or "no, sir" as necessary in his sweet Texas accent. Mmmmm.

7. He always chooses to spend time with "us" over anything else. He'd rather watch "Monsters, Inc." than play poker, go hunting, or play in a softball league. He makes me feel like there's nowhere in the world he'd rather be than home or with me. And I really believe that it's true.

8. He will wear a Purdue sweatshirt and hat and root for my team. Ya'll have no idea how much that means to me. It's a big deal.

9. Not only does he prefer to be home than anywhere in the world, but he NEVER COMPLAINS when I want to go out of town to visit a friend or go on a girls' trip for a weekend. . .he never makes me feel like I shouldn't go. I love that.

10. He's a great partner. I know that he's on "my team," which happens to be affectionately referred to as "Team Ray." He loves our kids, me, his parents and sister, my parents, and our extended families deeply, and that's the best trait in the world. (He also happens to love dogs, but I'll leave that piece of information out since I don't share his enthusiasm for big house dogs.)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, RIPPER!!!!! I love you to infinity and beyond.


  1. Please send him my way...please! I will pay his travel fees...since he bakes! ;) Happy Birthday Rip! You sound like a wonderful man and I cannot wait to meet you sometime.

  2. Please tell Rip happy 40th from the Creek's! (did I use that apostrophe right?!) We'd still love to have his homemade mac n cheese recipe! It was sooooo yummy!!! He can cook for us anytime! love,megan :o)