Saturday, February 13, 2010

Boiler Up!

One of the (many) things I miss about living in Indiana is being able to see Purdue play on TV. I'm a third generation fan, and as they say, we "bleed black & gold." I love, love, LOVE Purdue sports. When they're good, like the men's basketball team is now, we get to catch so many more games because the networks will air them!

This season has been a ton of fun, and we've made a huge deal out of watching the games as a family. I'm trying to make little Boilermakers out of my boys, so we get all dressed up in our gear and make an event of it!

We even got our little basketball goal out and played a "pick-up game" during halftime. Somehow, it involved chasing each other around the whole downstairs, and there was even some tackling, but that's okay. We'll be flexible on the rules of the game for now!

Hail, Hail to Old Purdue!


  1. So glad that you can tune into some games when you are so far away! Yahoo! But wait...Do I spy a yucky I.U. player on tv? Ha! Love the BB hoop shots! Henry puts the ball up through the hoop...from underneath! I guess we will have to teach him the correct way...some day! :) The boys are just beautiful! I still see your dad in both! So happy that the birthday parties went over well! I cannot wait to hear about the "ranch party"! :) Boiler up!

  2. Looks Like Brody 'needs' a Grammie gift of Boiler t-shirt for next game.. :)
    Did you really post this blog at 4am....oh my.

    Love you, Mom