Friday, February 12, 2010

Birthday Parties Right and Left!

Starting in January, our little family of four has one birthday every month. Brody's birthday falls a mere two weeks after Christmas, which is certainly going to be challenging, but it's also good motivation for me to get the Christmas decorations down! Those of you who know me well know that it's not odd for my tree to stay up until the end of January! So I could use the motivation for sure!!

The Boo turned ONE on January 7. and we celebrated with a little gathering at our house. . .we have a special group of neighbors and friends who are essentially our "second family," so they all came for singing and cupcakes!

This little man wasn't too fired up about his cupcake. He didn't like the way it felt on his hands! Whose child is this????

Then Mason turned FIVE this week. . .and for the first time, he gets TWO parties! Two whole days of craziness. On his actual birthday, Rip and Brody took him to McDonalds as a treat, then we had everyone over for (again) cupcakes and cocktails. Seems to be a theme here, huh? We had a riot watching him, and he was as sweet as could be in his "birthday boy" shirt.

Still to come: ANOTHER party at Gramma and Poppa Ray's house over the weekend. He's been asking all year for a "Ranch Party," so we're obliging. What a lucky little turkey!

It's actually fun to have all our birthdays in those dreary a months right after Christmas. It gives us something to look forward to, and they're all spaced evenly enough that it's not too stressful. The next birthday is the BEST one. Mine! It always seems to fall over Spring Break, AND during the first few days of March Madness. It's my favorite week of the whole year!

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